Focused on performance and reliability.

Inspired by the fictional firm with a similar name set in Starnesville, Wisconsin, we are a custom software architecture firm, using our vast knowledge and experience to fill a much-needed void in software development, pushing technology in new and exciting directions with custom solutions.

Core Competencies

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Code Simplicity

Specializing in C++, C, Python and Javascript, we will take you from idea to scalable completion in no time, including tests, continuous integration, and documentation.

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Geodistributed Computing

Let us show you how to achieve better performance and redundancy across the globe. Turnkey solutions get you up and running on our server clusters immediately, or we're happy to show you how to use your gear to achieve the same.

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Low Latency

Experienced in squeezing out the best performance for even the most challenging datasets.

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Financial Expertise

We do large and high frequency datasets, we can handle whatever your needs are. We'll show you how to leverage direct market access for huge benefits and offer proximity access in some markets.

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Multicast Technology

Don't be scared, multicast can improve flow in lots of areas. We'll leverage network technology to improve your application.

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Seamless Automation

Don't let deployment or manual tasks bog you down, we have established methods for doing versioned rollouts efficiently across any number of nodes.

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Network Architecture

We've been successfully designing networks to meet needs for decades (with extreme and diverse requirements) -- sometimes it actually is the network and not the software!